Wednesday 18 Sep 2019
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AK Academy (Penang)

Academic Recognition Re-Audit Report - The AK Academy

5-6 September 2018

Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport on 5-6 September 2018


The audit was conducted at AK Academy from 5-6 September 2018. Attending the audit on behalf of CILTM were Haji Mohd Nasir Haji Alias (Head of Panel), Pn Hajjah Zawiah Abdul Majid CMILT and Mrs. Sharifah Salwa Abu Bakar (CILTM Administrator). The team from AK Academy was led by Mej Chang Kah Loon FCILT together with his dedicated colleagues. Based on the findings, the audit team concluded that the Professional Diploma in Logistics and Transport program at AK Academy met CILTM requirements.

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