Wednesday 18 Sep 2019
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Malaysian Academy of Supply Chain and Logistics Management (MASLM)

Accreditation audit for Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Date: 15th – 16th January 2015

The audit visit which was conducted on the 15th to 16th of January 2015 for the purpose of accreditation programme with the CILT. The panel has interviewed the management of MASLM and checked the related documents, syllabuses, offices, buildings and facilities for the purpose of qualifying as the training provider of CILT. Several observations were obtained and the suggestion for improvement had been advised especially on the contents of the syllabuses, intakes, classes’ rooms, programme, program structure and surrounding facilities. The overall of the audit were acceptable and met the minimum requirement as training provider of CILT Malaysia. Through the auditing the panel had recommended that the MASLM isaccepted as the Approved for the Training Provider (ATP) of the CILT Malaysia under the programme of Certificate in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. Attending the audit on behalf of CILTM were Dr Mustakim Melan, Chairman of Education & Researh,  Assoc Prof Rozita Husain, Member of Education & Research and Pn Sharifah Salwa A.Bakar, Administrator of CILTM Secretariat.

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